Projects - NERD LIFE

Shock Trooper Theme

Planet Eclipse MG100 Star Wars Empire Shock trooper paintball marker

This Planet Eclipse MG100 Paintball Marker project started out its life as a piece of Concept Art the NERDs did. But once we released it, it was inevitable that we would have a customer commission it.  

Boba Fett Themed MG100

Planet Eclipse MG100 Star Wars Boba Fett paintball marker

One of our local NERDs wanted to jump into MAGFED paintball and new we were the ones that could take his imagination and make his ideas a reality. He's now Running Regualure 100+ person games at one of our local Florida fields.

EF Glock American Flag

Elite Force Glock Cerakote Distressed American Flag

When these amazing Airsoft guns were release we wanted to do something extra special. We decided on our shop specialty the Distressed American Flag. Only 4 were made and all have been sold.

Tony Lindsey's MG100 Project


A great project from the start, when your working with amazing people it makes these projects even more enjoyable. Definitely the two most demanding schemes our NERDs have done and now they travel around for all to see.

Gregory Montalova's Project


We met Gregory at the 2018 World Cup while he was recording for his Youtube channel and we gave them there the first experience with the New BnkrKing Mask. From that point, this project was just in the grass waiting to be made. 

Gtek 170 Cerakote Lime


This project was created because a customer wanted a colorway that wasn't available in an OEM finish on the Gtek170r Paintball marker by Planet Eclipse. Nightmare Inc had them covered!

How To Play Paintball - Yeti Mug


The NERD's don't usually do Yeti mugs and those items but we wanted to show our support for the paintball Youtube channel and our new friend Gregory. 

Bandit Vanquish


The Bandit Project was a project were subtly aspects plays the biggest rolls. We just tried to give this iconic theme the execution it deserves.

Corroded Penny


When a customer asks you to turn their $1500 CS2 into a tarnished weather corroded copper theme your first thoughts are how do the NERDS make this look like art without looking like a hot mess.  

World Cup 2018


 2018 Paintball World Cup was Huge for the NERDs at Nightmare Inc. We had 2 Custom Cerakote paintball markers in the Planet Eclipse booth. Plus the Shop had its own booth.