Paintball gun breakdown

Knowledge is power

   Nightmare Inc is here to help you educate yourself on multiple paintball platforms. Whether its for your own pursuit of greater knowledge or to repairing a specific piece of paintball equipment. We have gathered a large group of past and present paintball manuals. Our you can come into Nightmare Inc Paintball & Airsoft in Port St. Lucie location and we will be here to help.

How do I get to the manual I need?

   To find the manual for the paintball marker your looking for; just click on the paintball manufacture that make your marker. For your serching pleasure we have put both the name and logo they use in a list below. This will bring you to a list of paintball marker/series specific to that manufacture.  Some paintball manufactures make just one style of gun so the link will take you staright to the manuals. Other paintball manufactures make many difference series. If thats where the link takes you, you will find a list of series. Just click on the model of the marker and it will take you to that specifice models page with all the different varaitions of the marker.

Additional Information

   We also included the customer service and warranty registration information for each manufacture so you can contact them if your marker is still under warranty. Some of the paintball guns we have are no longer being manufactured thus they no longer have a warranty. A few of the companies also no longer exist and support and parts are harder to come by as every day passes. But we believe we need to keep this knowledge readily available for anyone that is interested in learning about the markers that started the sport of paintball. 

Paintball Manufacturers

Planet Eclipse

Planet Eclipse Paintball Manual

DYE Paintball

DYE Paintball Manual

DLX Technologies

DLX Luxe Paintball Manual

GI Sportz

GI Sportz Paintball


Tippmann Paintball Manual

Empire Paintball

Empire Paintball manual

HPA Manufactures

Immortal Air

Immortal Air Paintball


Ninja Air Paintball