Nightmare Inc Certified Techs are here to help with your paintball equipment

   Nightmare Inc knows that in paintball things can go wrong but we are here to get you back out there playing again. We have been active in the sport of paintball since 1989, working on many of the markers that started the sport paintball. We have attended all the major manufactures factory certification classes they offer for repairing and maintaining their markers. We have also had hands on experience working on thousands of paintball guns. This has given our techs the knowledge and confidence to say we can work on all markers, past and present.  

Some markers just need some TLC and basic maintenance to keep them running and others will need repairs after they stop working. We offer service for both those situations, in addition we offer maintenance plans to mitigate future problems from happening.  From our experience some players busy lives prevent them from maintaining their marker to the factory required specifications. Reasons stretch from lack of time to knowledge and some just would rather someone do it for them so they do it right!

   Our paintball services has you covered from just you basic cleaning and lube to full o-ring and parts replacement. If you want to just have the marker cleaned and ready for the next tournament or scenario game we can do that as well so you will have no worries when you go out to play.   

Need Help from a NERD?

 Do you need Nightmare Inc's help? We can fix your paintball gun at our Port Saint Lucie Florida Location. Consultations are always free, Nothing will be charged till you leave the paintball marker with us.  We will not hold anything back and will give you the information to service your own  paintball marker if you chose to. Paintball markers purchased from Nightmare Inc come with our Service Package included, and you pay nothing for the work. Only cost is non-warrantied parts. 

All work performed on markers not purchased at the shop will be warrantied for 90 days