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   We've compiled our most important pages down to 6 main categories. This is to quickly get you to the page you are looking for. Location help will get you a better look at our exact location within the shopping complex. We included a map of the Shopping Complex so you wouldn't get lost. Tour of Duty is a fun way of saying our Calendar of Events. You can find us at a lot of events around Florida throughout the year. These events are not just paintball and airsoft. Nightmare Inc Emissaries are our friend/family around town and the state that represent Nightmare Inc and are always willing to help out and answer questions. You can catch many of them at the local field throughout the year.  Sponsorship aren't just handed out, the teams on our list have shown Nightmare Inc that they are in for the long run and will promote the sport of paintball and airsoft the correct way. By taking new players and learning them up on basic knowledge. We Customize Everything is Nightmare Inc's motto and we can literally customize and paintball products no matter the material its made out of.  Finally this the Intel page takes you to our Paintball Manual page. This page was specially designed to make it easier to find your marker.  

Nightmare Inc custom Cerakote'd Metadyne Launcher.  Need Custom work to done? Contact us!

Nightmare Inc custom Cerakote'd Metadyne Launcher. Need Custom work to done? Contact us!

Intel - Nightmare inc

Locate Nightmare Inc

Coca Vista Plaza in Port Saint Lucie Florida, the location of Nightmare Inc Paintball & Airsoft

Additional information on the location of Nightmare Inc Store. More info then what you get from Google or Bing provides. 

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Tours of Duty

Nightmare Inc Paintball and Airsoft at NXL World Cup in Orlando Florida

Find out where you can find Nightmare Inc throughout the year as we attend Paintball, Airsoft and other special events. 


Nightmare Emissaries

Nightmare Inc Paintball and Airsoft Reps from Port Saint Lucie Florida and Around the World

"Dope peeps" that Rep Nightmare Inc in the paintball and airsoft world and help out when ever they can.


Sponsored Teams

Nightmare Inc Paintbal & Airsoft sponsored teams. In Port Saint Lucie Florida and around the world

Helping our teams get recognition for the amazing job they do representing Nightmare Inc Paintball & Airsoft. 

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We Customize Everything

Hydro Graphics/Cerakote custom paintball products by Nightmare Inc,

Nightmare Inc Paintball & Airsoft does custom work from Single Projects to Teams to OEM jobs. 

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Paintball Manuals

Nightmare Inc Paintball Manuals available in store at Nightmare Inc in Port Saint Lucie Florida

Nightmare Inc Paintball and Airsoft is here to help you find all your Marker Manuals in one location, new manuals being added often.

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