Nightmare Inc Sponsored Teams

Nightmare Inc is always looking to help teams take it to the next level and improve themselves as a team. This page  is to recognition them for the amazing job they do representing Nightmare Inc Paintball & Airsoft.  

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Must have been a team for one season, have your team roaster and resume avalible.

Sponsored Paintball Teams

Lost Boys

Sponsored by Nightmare Inc Paintball and Airsoft in Port Saint Lucie Florida

In there first year they rose to the top of the local paintball circuit. Due to life rolling in strong and members leaving to join the military and college the Lost Boys are on a break.  But you will see their Jersey around your local field from time to time still. 


Reapers paintball Team

Organizing in 2016 the reapers came from humble beginnings and have successful progressed throw the ranks of the Social Paintball Series.


Chaos Paintball Team

Choas is new to the local circuit as of 2018, a group of young guns fighting hard to earn their place. Definitely a Paintball team to keep a eye on. 

Tropical Storm

Tropical Storm Paintball Team

Watching these kids work together and teaching the new players the finer aspects of paintball is a  unique experience.  Supervised and coached by the team parents.

Band of Sluggers

Band of Sluggers Paintball Team

Band of Sluggers is a new scenario paintball team heading in the right direction. They have members from multiple military branches and  have a play style linked to military tactics.

University of Florida

University of Florida Paintball Team

University of Florida Paintball Club sponsorship was a proud moment for Nightmare Inc, as one of the players from Lost Boys joined there ranks.