Planet Eclipse MG100 Cerakoted by Nightmare Inc in a Boba Fett theme.

"Boba Fett"

As you wish!.

   Everyone might not be as lucky as us, but Nightmare Inc is fortunate enough to have a fellow NERD and friend that bleeds for us and is down to support the NERD LIFE everywhere he goes.  This Planet Eclipse MG100 paintball marker is for him. We started the project concept art off with a super clean classic color blaster theme. But after some spitballing, we thought that was just too easy! So the NERDs decided to make this paintball marker have a darker with a modern touch to it. This build required a unique stock so we chose the 2.0 ROC Stock by Killjoy Industries. The barrel is a J&J 20-inch Ceramic barrel.

Cerakote Colors used:
    S&W Red (H-167)
    OD Green (H-236)
    NRA Blue (H-171)
    Graphite Black (H-146)
    Gold (H-122)

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