"How do i get a GTEK 170r in Lime green"

You came to the right place!

       This project wasn't going to be the mind blowing full color distressed American flag or crazy detailed project we are usually know for. But what it lacked in complexity it made up in class. It all started on a Thursday when a customer came in the day before the new Planet Eclipse Gtek 170R was release and wanted to customize his marker before he ever got the paintball gun in his hands. If you know the NERDs at Nightmare Inc Paintball and Airsoft, you know we were happy to obliged and we started on it the very next day. As always the Planet Eclipse markers are a pleasure to disassemble and their manuals are always helpful when we get to a impasse.  Once we had all the pieces laid out we had to figure out how we wanted to attack this project. We had a few options we were kicking around and settled on keeping it clean. So now that we had a plan of attack we set on our way to give this Gtek 170R a OEM Lime Green and Black finish. Since we were only doing the accent pieces we set aside the parts that were going to keep their black anodizing from the factory.  Even tho this gun was fresh from the Planet Eclipse factory we had to degrease the accent pieces and give them a 30 minute soak in acetone. Then we media blasted the parts that were to be coated with #100 grit Aluminum Oxide at  40 psi. Then making sure we cleaned the accent pieces  off, and removed any left over media we were ready to proceed.  The next step  is one more crucial prep step called gassing out, that insures all our work up until this point is sound and the parts are ready to receive there coating. The Gas out phase  heats the metal parts in the curing oven at 300 degrees Fahrenheit  for 60 minutes. Gassing out will evaporate any remaining moisture and solvents and bring any remaining oils to the surface.  The parts all past inspection and no shiny spots were showing on the surface.  Now we can move on to mixing the two part coating and start spraying the parts.  We sprayed the Gtek 170r  accent pieces with custom mixed Lime H-Series Oven cure Cerakote. Final step after we let it sit was a 2 hour bake at 250 degrees Fahrenheit.  The final product came out amazing and the customer was happy.

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