"Shock Trooper"

The Empire was here.

    When the Nightmare Inc phone rings after hours and you get the phone call “Hey guys I want to do a Star Wars-themed Storm Trooper MG100” the answer is always YES!  Planet Eclipse MG100 builds are really hot right now and doing a nostalgic piece of art like this is something our NERD's live for. Planning the layout on this paintball marker started out simple; Storm Trooper: White base with Black accents.  DONE! “But id like it to be distressed” Yes... Yes... We can make that happen, so our NERD’s got to work and completed a few Conceptual renderings for the customer. The one that caught the customers eye the most was a Shock Trooper themed design.  

Cerakote Colors used:

     USMC Red (H-167)

     Stormtrooper White (H-297)

     Graphite Black (H-146)

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